About the British situation in Spain

At this moment a lot is happening in the politics, mostly because Britain now has left EU. Because of this, Brits will have to pay for all their health services since they no longer have EU benefits, and their pension money willlower. The pound is also weakening compared to the Euro, so considering these facts the British people can potentially end up in more of a surviving situation in Spain than before. This being said it’s still unclear what’s going to happen, but we hope for the sake of Spain and the people here that we can continue to see British people on the streets. Spain needs money income from travellers as they’re a big part of restaurants, bars, sales and services marketing plan.On the real estate market over20% of the clients were British last year.

There might be as many as 800.000 Brits all over Spain. Seeing these numbers we know this situation is crucial politically. Some has already left the country, but it remains to see if Spain and Britain can come up with an agreement how to make it better for both parts.Mariano Rajoy, the president of Spain still stays hopeful for the Brits to continue some of their rights for at least two more years.

So over to a different topic coming from the same issue, there might be some interesting changes concerning Gibraltar which is owned by Britain. Scotland, also a member in the United Kingdom wants to separate themselves and continue their deal in EU, that way they might be the new owners of the rock, Gibraltar.Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, Spain minister of foreign affairs and cooperation stated: “The Spanish flag on Gibraltar has never been this close”. We don’t quite know what will happen, but what we do know is that they all want it very badly.