The best aquaparks of Spain

In Spain we have many good aquaparks, some of the best in Europe. We can start with one we have based close to our office in Torrevieja, followed by the biggest aquapark in Europe, again followed by the best park in the world.

Aqua Park Flamingo, Torrevieja

It’s not Torrevieja’s biggest aquapark, as Aquapolis is the biggest and actually Spain’s second biggest aquapark. But what I’m going to tell you now might make you consider Flamingo instead. Flamingo is not supposed to be big, it’s more suitable for kids and families. There is many guards in this park, making it a relaxing park for parents.


Though you cannot bring your own food to the park, the sun bedsand the parking isfree and the price to enter is very affordable for most families. Compared to Aquapolis, the price is almost halved.

Aqualandia, Benidorm

Aqualandia opened in 1985 and has been very popular ever since. Back then it was the only aquapark in Spain, and because of the long history they have been updating the attractions becoming a park of about 20 different attractions.


Big Bang, “4attractions in one” came in 2002. The biggest one is 28 meter tall. It was the tallest for a decade until the new Verti-Go became the biggest in 2013, 33 meter tall, and a world record for it’s hight. On Verti-Go you can reach 100km/h.

The park has free parking and is150.000 meter square. This makes this park the biggest in Europe and one of the biggest in the world.

Siam Park, Tenerife

Three years in a row, this park has been rated the best in the world.


The park has a Thai theme, and it’s got green vegetation. Actually, It’s the worlds first green aquapark, and even though it’s outdoors, they have integrated a very nice system to always keep the water at 25 degrees. When the water is used by the guests, it’s recycled and is used again for the parks plants. This park is famous for it’s rides, as you can be sure they’ll fit for everybody.

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